Yes, we’ve been crap about blogging lately. This is because we’re just, well, crap. Or maybe I should cut myself some slack and say it’s because I’m mentally ill… which often makes me feel like crap.

I love snow. I love looking at beautiful snowy landscape. I love the crunch of snow underfoot in the brief minute I spend outdoors before giving up from the freezing cold and running back inside to huddle under my bedcovers again. As you can imagine, this makes shopping for the holidays difficult, and this makes having enough food in stock difficult, and this makes getting out of bed difficult. Should I pay for a taxi to the supermarket and back, or should I spend the money putting my heating on? Choices, choices.

Still I’m lucky, I have a family to go to for Christmas, and on top of that a family who’ll have the heating on and probably even a log fire burning. Some of the other people I know who live on benefits for mental health problems aren’t so lucky. One of them is in the psychiatric ward, unlikely to get out by Christmas because it’s taking weeks for him even to see a psychiatrist. Another’s family have gone to be with a very ill relative, and she can’t afford to travel to be with them. Others just have shit families. So I may be feeling crap, but at least I have some blessings I can count.

It’s an especially tough time of year for people who are socially isolated, who don’t have supportive families or any family around, and who have many inner demons to fight with at the best of times. I hope we can all spare them some thoughts, and some love and support to the ones we know personally, whether we celebrate any religious festival around now or not.

Today’s the winter solstice, the longest shortest day of the year. Happy solstice to any pagans out there, and to everyone else, remember the days are now getting longer and the sun will be with us for a little longer for the next six months!