Benefits Culture is a blog written by a small group of people who are on incapacity benefits in the UK, mostly for mental health problems or chronic invisible disability.

We are sick of the way that politicians talk and the media writes about us as scroungers, fakes, and people who are just too lazy to work. This ignorance and prejudice has very real negative effects on the lives of millions of people around the world, but the disabled and depressed are easy targets. We’re finding it hard enough to get by as it is.

Lots of blogs speak up for the other groups The Daily Mail and the rest of them like to bash – immigrants, gay people, you know the kind of thing. But we’ve become frustrated with how few take up the media on their assault on people with disabilities, and particularly invisible disabilities like mental health problems, chronic pain, and ME.

We’ll examine the myths surrounding being on benefits, and the outright lies the media and politicians tell. We’ll tell you what life on income support is really like, and why various people who suffer from depression, or PTSD, or chronic illness are unable to work (or at least, to work enough to get by and not become more unwell).

We don’t expect the Daily Mail or the government to be listening to us, but we hope we can open a few people’s eyes, and provide a space for people in our position to have a voice.

Here’s the story of being on benefits when, like the vast majority, you’re not a benefits cheat or an “economically unproductive” scrounger – the side the press isn’t interested in presenting.

We’d like to share your experiences too. If you’d like to contribute, you can leave a comment, or email us at beingonbenefits AT


3 Responses to “About Benefits Culture”

  1. Totally agree that people with severe and enduring illness – in particular mental illness are being overlooked in this rush to punish cheats and scroungers.

    We have been fighting at

    and have made some friends at Compass, the LRC, the LibDems and the Greens and the wonferful crossbencher Baroness Meacher.

    Writing a blog is great but will any of you join us in a campaign. For a start we could compose a letter to all the disability charities and ask them to all sign up to it.

    I have suggested any one interested in fighting – meeting up to discuss this at

    I’m not sure if campaigning can be organised from this blog site but perhaps it can. Welfarewatch is for claimants and friends.

  2. Clive Says:

    It might be best to use an alias when registering for carerwatch as they have been proven to pass peoples details to other dubious websites.

    Any group connected to this group need treating with caution also

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